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I help men and women find the missing pieces they seek to help them re-discover their self-worth, confidence and look better naked

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Welcome from Ross Potter

Hey, I’m your new Coach Ross and I know you’re here because you need some help to find the missing pieces you’ve lost. You feel ashamed, body conscious and aren’t quite sure of how to put yourself back together, and that’s ok, I understand.

Let me ask you a question, are you happy with what you see when you look in the mirror?

My evolving community of likeminded members know only too well what happens when life gets in the way, which is why they took the leap of faith and reached out for help. I really do understand the impact it’s having right now and we both know you deserve a lot more.

I’ve been a competitive bodybuilder and even with that bank of knowledge, time and time again I’ve found myself burned out, gaining weight, and avoiding gym sessions, because guess what, life always seemed to get in the way.

BUT… I created a system to get it right. I can now balance what life throws at me AND maintain a physique that I’m proud of. And guess what – business has never been better. My system teaches you how to create a flawless routine, re-discover your self-confidence and still enjoy the foods you love.

This is for men and woman who’ve given all they have to everyone else at the cost of their happiness, confidence, and well-being. Let me show you how simple it is to get into a solid routine, drop lbs of bodyfat and look good naked.

Coach Ross

Ross Potter


When you sign up to my online coaching package, you’ll work with ME and ME alone. I will be your coach for the entire duration of your journey, guiding, motivating and educating you along the way. My coaching is structured in such a way that the level of client to coach interaction is tailored to each individual, which, in turn, creates the strongest and most beneficial bond between us.

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“My personal ambition remains the same. To impact and inspire those across the globe by doing what I love, showing them that with hard work anything is possible, to stay one step ahead, to enjoy everything life has to offer and to be there for those closest to me”